Zip project Day 1

So today is my first day of Zip. Coming to my mind is a bunch of information, and I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know what my project is going to involve. I guess I will begin by doing some research.

Anyways, my project is going to be on English pronunciation rules. I find that English is such a strange language that is, well, hard to say. Vowels have different sounds in different combination of words, and when they come together like in “toad”, they produce another kind of sound. This is an area that I haven’t thought of before, and I think its gonna be GREAT.

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I hope this will enhance my understanding of the English language, and will assist me in my future learnings of vocabulary and pronunciation.


Socials and What I Feel Towards it

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Main Focus

Where are you? (with respect to Socials Studies)

I am an individual that is curious about the vast amount of knowledge contained within only one little subject: Socials Studies. I love to learn about the history of the Romans and the Greeks. Economics and anthropology are also big hits for me. However, I got to admit that I prefer straight forward answers rather than thinking about something complex, which is why I never much liked learning philosophy in a classroom. Just thinking about philosophy is OK, but having homework, that are due in a limited amount of time and demands a certain level of response is not my style.

Where are you going?

In my future years of high school, I wish I could develop a further knowledge and interest in Socials as well as its sub-topics such as philosophy. I aim towards developing a more organized mind to sort through information, and to be able to process and narrow complicated facts into the main idea.

Second Focus

What interests you about this topic? Why? Examples?

Socials, I believe, is about learning how the human society works, the past mistakes and errors so we don’t repeat them and discussing what we should do in our lives. Just like the quote:

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“Those who fail to learn from history

are doomed to

repeat it”. – George Santayana

I believe in the need to learn about history and not to make the mistakes of repeating it. Plus, learning about history is pretty fun. We can see what people did in the past and maybe what we would have done differently about it. A lot of things occurred in the past, and it is like watching a movie when you are reading history. History is also never what it seems like. Things that happen in the future will certainly change the perspective that people look at the “heroes” or the “losers”. I had read a book series called the “Ender’s Game”, and it provides a strong example of how people change their thinking. The book’s main character, Andrew (Ender) Wiggin, saved the human race by wiping out an entire alien species unknowingly during what he thought to be a video game. He was considered a hero for a while. But after the release of a book with the author Speaker for the Dead (Ender himself, written after realizing what he had done) told a story from the loser’s perspective, the world changed its views. The book became the classic and Ender was exiled and taught in schools as a cruel, unfeeling person. This applies to many stories in the real world, like how after reading the loser version of Christopher Columbus we changed our views entirely. Other subjects like politics, economy, sociology, anthropology and philosophy are also important and enjoyable subjects. I loved learning about why Black Friday happened or whether progress is worth the sacrifice.

What challenges you about this topic, Why? Examples?

This topic of Social Studies challenges me in multiple aspects. First, is the need to process mass amounts of information, and to understand what the author is trying to say or why did this particular event happened.  Sometimes, we need to think about a concept, and we have to come up with a sensible solution, which could be challenging. Political systems might be hard to understand as politics is complicated, as said in a Washington Post headline,

“Donald Trump is shocked to learn that politics is complicated”

Economics may also be difficult for the mass amount of data concerned in certain areas, but overall, philosophy is the hard part for me. As I mentioned, discussing things and probing deep into a concept with pressure on me isn’t how I’m like to learn things. This is something that I could probably improve on over the next two years and in the end, I hope I would be comfortable writing a paragraph about “progress”!

What have we done/read/discussed so far that provides an example of what I just said?

The “A People’s History of the United States” that we read clearly shows how acts of famous people that may seem wise or cruel could change when looking at a different perspective. Columbus, a person whom we once regarded as a great hero that discovered America, and became the foundation for the American civilizations that is to come, had turned into a merciless, greedy man that led to the massacre of thousands of native Indians when looking from the sight of an Indian. Thinking about “progress” nearly give me a headache as well, as I am too used to not thinking shallowly. Overall, Socials would be a demanding subject for me, but I know that in the end, I would have learned so much my knowledge would

Be Over 9000.

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-Deon (Dragon Ball Z)