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Hello, welcome to my learning centre post. Yeah.

I got the idea for my poster like the day before NoN. Before, I planned on using a piece of green paper to write stuff, but then I thought about the tree on the Academy’s logo and the tree of learning. I then thought, for some reason, why don’t I tape letter sized paper together to make a tree shape!. And it went like that. img_1557

OK, for the Eminent Person Study Project, I would say that I made tons of mistakes because first, I thought a wall besides two food tables would be a great spot, turned out that it is completely a wrong decision. Once I got started I realized that I can’t do much there, especially with my “limited” imagination. I was even more surprised when hardly any came to my station. I would have thought that being besides food make people come, but I guess no, being in the back alley is just that lonely. I got my interview after I wrote my speech, which is both my fault and her fault. She replied 11 days after I sent her the email! And then, there were five emails back and forth with 0-4 days in between.

Something that I would do next time would be to send more interview emails, as I got my interview after my speech and it was “somewhat” helpful. In addition I should have looked at the learning centres of past TALONS students to gain more understanding of what Night of the Notables is about, and get ideas for my learning centre as well.

Learning centre plan
Learning centre plan

Still, I felt like I had achieved my goals for this project. I got to know my person better, and most of all, I got to know more of his ideas, his approach to obstacles, why he stood out for a change and his “eminence”. Through this I learned not just about him, but insights and approaches that I could use my own life as well.

Finally, Night of the Notables was an amazing experience for me, particularly because this is the first time that I’ve participated in this kind of event. In the end I want to thank everyone for their contributions in making this NoN so memorable for me and others! This is especially for Ms. Mulder (for being so organized with tons of things and giving out pointers), Mr. Jackson (for giving us lots of class blog time with help and delivering the unforgettable first speech to NoN), Mr. Salisbury (for cheering us on and playing music to loosen everyone’s nerves) and Ms. Dingle (for giving us time to write speeches and teaching us how to)!

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Goodbye Eminent 2k16, Grade 9’s first and Grade 10’s last NoN!







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