Why Pi? In-depth 2017 Intro

We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. – Carl Sagan

Photo a Raspi took – daveakerman.com

In today’s world, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, and for all the reasons, it improves our lives beyond what is previously imaginable. Our tech keeps evolving, and it is to the point now that we don’t need to

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think about “how to use it” when we have an IPhone in our hands. The creator of Raspberry Pi, a mini single board computer and also the object of my studies, noticed how people

Raspberry Pi model 3 – Raspberry Pi Foundation

started to have less knowledge of programming languages. As a result, he made the Raspi, aimed towards teaching and inspiring an interest of computing in children, but is also commonly used by D-I-Yers because of its low cost and ease of access. As someone who has always loved the idea of learning a programming language, plus making stuff that improves my life, I think there couldn’t have been a better project to do than learning the dynamics of the Raspberry Pi and to make a cool “smart” project with it.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. – Carl Sagan

When I say will learn about the Raspi, specifically, I mean I will learn about Python programming and electronics, which are the basis of creating anything spectacular with the Raspi. It is like how learning computer usually means learning to use Word and send emails. Computers are used for these things, and while the Raspi can do word processing and send emails, it is only in its best in a project, programmed to your will.

How the car may look like – http://imgur.com/

My project will focus on getting the technical knowledge down, like learning electronics, and then I will start to build my final project, a car that follows lines and knows to avoid obstacles in its path.

The final project, a self-driving car, is going to take some form of artificial intelligence. In computer science, a perfect “intelligent” machine is a flexible agent that perceives the environment and takes actions to maximize its chance of success at a goal. I plan for the car to be able to sense obstacles in its way, and thorough its “intelligence”, it will do some action to avoid it and keep going down the track it is given.

Let’s get Physical!

Learn about what the Raspberry Pi can do, helping children learn physical computing. (click on link above if video doesn’t appear)

I chose this topic because my dad is a computer engineer, and he had just recently discovered the Raspi. He bought one to serve as a smart TV box that can watch YouTube or browse the web. I had also read about a major advancement in one of the companies experimenting with the concept of self-driving cars. I thought then, to combine them together to make one of those cars you see in science fairs. View my schedule of next two months. I have changed my schedule in the contract due to incorrect calculations of how long the project is going to last.

My mentor is someone in my church whom I just discovered to have studied computers. He even knows about the Raspberry Pi, and that would be really, really helpful. Before, I was going to settle for someone who know Python, and there should be many of them, but now I can get help on the electronics sections as well. I had asked him to maybe give me some information about his schooling or experience, but he hasn’t replied me yet, so I could probably bring this up next post.

I hope to be able to put together more and more advanced projects using the Pi after In-depth project, in the fields of home automation and simple artificial intelligence, because my proposed final project is not a very “useful” thing considering that it is a toy. So I will still have a long way to go after the project is finished.

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