Post 6, week something

First of all, for my update on learning, check out my personal blogging site that has just been completely rebuilt (it may look empty).

De Bono time:

Here is a list of concepts that my mentor and I talked about last meeting:

  • digitalized learning
  • machine learning
  • logic of a computer
  • human errors
  • debug
  • education
  • alternatives
  • humanity
  • profit vs. everything else
  • etc.

Coincidently enough, during our conversation, which went really off-topic (shhh), we talked and discussed a lot

Courtesy of

about the United Airline incident that happened recently. When I went back to listen to our conversation, I realized that it was the part during our talk in which we brought up the most alternatives! To start, my mentor suggested for us to look at this incident from another perspective.

The passenger that was violently dragged off was actually a terrorist under disguise. The FBI have been tracking him for days, but never found an opportunity to take him down without alerting the media or the public. So they told the flight attendant to basically pick this passenger when they are doing the draw. This way, they can get the job done, and the public or foreign agencies will never know of the secrets they can extract.

Another explanation for the event doesn’t necessarily praise United, but it claims its innocence:


These explanations for the event look at it from another perspective, and offer an alternative way of thinking about the event.

Anyways, back to my actual topic of alternatives, I had a lot of alternatives when considering my car design:

  • how will it work? (line following? obstacle avoiding? real time control? )
  • how should I write and organize the code?
    • using a lot of if statements?
    • finding a way of listing input that will direct me to a certain output?
    • use “def” makes the code more readable than not using it, but it is more work
    • comment makes the code more readable by humans and make me remember what everything does, but is a lot of work as well
  • if I don’t have time, I could just do one mode (line following + one ultrasonic)
  • if the motors don’t work well going at 70% power, I can just not do slower speeds
  • maybe create two different tracks for two different modes, if I am going to have that