In this post, I will go over some of the books/ websites that I found very useful in my research about Ben Graham (and value investing of course). I hope they will help you in your works too, just like how they had helped me.

Graham, Benjamin, et al. The Intelligent Investor: a Book of Practical Counsel. Harper Collins, 2013.

One of the best books possible for the beginning investor, this classic for value investing has gone through many editions. This current edition includes Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor from the 1970’s plus commentary by Jason Zwieg. Great easy to understand introduction to value investing.

Graham, Benjamin, et al. Security Analysis: Principles and Technique. McGraw-Hill, 2009.

The absolute classic. Sometimes hard to understand for the amateur, but otherwise an informative book as well. First book of Ben Graham, and the book where he proposed his ideas of value investing. Nowadays, people will pay thousands for the early editions of this book.

Lowe, Janet. Benjamin Graham on Value Investing: Lessons from the Dean of Wall Street. Penguin Books, 1996.

Detailed biography of Benjamin Graham. Provides quality information as well as historical artifacts (letters). Even provides some tips of Graham that was condensed from Security Analysis.

Smith, Gary. Money Machine: the Surprisingly Simple Power of Value Investing. AMACOM, American Management Association, 2017.

If you can’t understand The Intelligent Investor, or just hate long books with small print, this would be a book to check out. Author Gary Smith is someone that isn’t afraid to plainly expose the people who are wrong, even if they are Noble laureates. You will be guided through the ideologies of value investing with examples and savageness.

“Sharper Insight. Smarter Investing.” Investopedia,

The Wikipedia of investing, contains a lot of definitions for key terms, as well as value investing theories and lessons. It should be neutral, but I feel like it is a largely pro value investing website.

Mi, Zhou. Zuo Xing Fu De Tou Zi Zhe. Di Zhen Chu Ban She, 2007.

This is a book written by a family friend who follows the value investing strategy. She manages my family’s stocks for us, and she consistently outperforms the indexes and the market. This book is a thorough conversational walkthrough of the mindset and the principles of investing, and it is much more approachable than The Intelligent Investor, for example. Its simplicity is similar to Money Machine.

“Intensive Investing Education through Case Studies.” Csinvesting. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2017.

This website have some good info, but a lot of it is not for beginners. Talks about a lot of theories. Also, it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for as the titles and the tags are not very informative or relevant.


Lastly, this website: contains information on the portfolios of gurus like Warren Buffett and Michael Larson. It is always good to study what the pros are doing, especially if they are reliably generating a high return over more many years.

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